Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thursday, January 13 2022 - My Favorite Android Apps with Bill James

Meeting Time: Jan 13, 2022 07:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (US and Canada) Join the Zoom Meeting, please click on the link below. You will arrive in the Waiting Room and the host will admit you at 7:00 pm. Meeting ID: 834 9209 6183 Passcode: 124327

Monday, August 2, 2021


Now, at the beginning of August, 2021, amid OLYMPIC 2020 fever, access to our blog seems to work again! 

The Durham Personal Computer Users' Club continues to meet, monthly, on ZOOM. We've had some great presentations from our own members (recorded and now on YouTube), in addition to those from APCUG and guests speakers. 

Meetings at Faith United Church, in Courtice, Ontario, have been discontinued for the duration of the pandemic. The Linux sub-group also meets monthly on ZOOM, or an equivalent platform.

The best way to learn about upcoming events - Click on the Club Logo, to the right. That link takes you to our website. We also started a Facebook group - Durham Computer Club.

This blog, has, in the past, recorded events from the prior month's meeting. This practice will continue, since our presenters enjoy such publicity, even if it occurs after the fact.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Next Meeting - Thursday, Nov. 14 - Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Meeting Date

November 14, 2019

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
By Ken Gardner

Description: In this presentation, I'll be talking about the invention of blockchain, what it is, what its used for, and how it is being applied by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium.
The presentation will focus on the technology behind blockchain, the problems it is trying to solve, and some problems it has created. We'll be talking about some of the fundamental ideas used by blockchain applications such as mining, wallets, and coins / tokens.
We'll also be talking about some of the social and economic aspects of the technology. The subject will be presented in an introductory manner.

Nov 2019 Amplifone - hearing loss diagnosis

Amplifone is an international company, with several local agents, four of whom came to present an extremely informative and detailed account of hearing loss, and the many technological options for overcoming hearing loss.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sept. 2019 - What is New, and What is Gone?

Fred presented a timeline for both Microsoft and Google, showing the evolution of both companies, products they both created and remove through time, along with news about replacement products.
[Google and Microsoft such as Android and Windows OS, Google Suite and MS Suites, Office Suites, Calendar, emails, photos, connections, etc.]

Member, Bob Bell, has posted a complete set of photos and slides on Flickr.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Aug 2019 - Agricultural Robots - new ventures

Korechi Innovations Inc. specializes in design of Autonomous products for use in farms and turf maintenance.
The products are enablers, they automate tasks which do not require human ingenuity, thus the operators are freed up to do other tasks - making them more productive while enriching their experience.

Sougata Korechi

SNAP'D showed up for an interview and photos
Member, Bob Bell, took lots of photos... posted on Flickr.

Jul 2019 - Linux vs other operating systems - an update

Alex Morrison, who leads the Linux Special Interest Group, was joined on stage by Mark and John, each describing a favourite installed version, along with favourite Linux software.

Jun 2019 - Genealogy and Modern Technology

Nancy Trimble, Chair of our local genealogical society, and past president of the Ontario Genealogical Society, presented commentary for a set of slides developed by Anne Delong, another member of the local genealogical society.
During the last thirty years, the tools and resources available to people who enjoy researching their family trees have grown exponentially. Nancy showed how genealogists have changed their processes over time to take advantage of everything from message boards, optical character recognition, online databases, family tree software, social media, and even DNA comparison to find their relatives.

May 2019 - TD Wealth - Private Investment Advice

Robert Gawne and Bobby McBride, of the Whitby branch, "Tax and Estate Planning - The Tax Bill You'll Never See".
Understanding that the Canadian Federal Government in Ottawa, whether we like it or not, is in our will is something not every Canadian is aware of. We will try incorporating some helpful technology tips in the presentation, however the main premise will be disinheriting the Canadian Government if at all possible. Steps we can take between now and when our time comes will alleviate some of the taxable consequences our estate may face.


Apr 2019 - Oh No! My Hard Drive Failed

Dave Swain and Bob Bell demonstrated back-up and recovery procedures using Acronis.
Acronis provides data protection for personal users including, backup, archive, access and recovery for Microsoft, MacOS, iOS, and Android operating systems. You will learn how to create a reliable backup that accomplishes 3 important things:
  1. Back up using cloning and mirror imaging to make a duplicate of your system
  2. Store - back up to a local drive and to the cloud for dual protection
  3. Restore - quickly recover your whole system or a specific file

prizes supplied by Dave's sponsor