Friday, November 18, 2016

November 2016 - Consumer Council of Canada

Representatives of the Consumer Council of Canada hosted a 'Town Hall Meeting' to discuss "Cyber Security and the Consumer", covering different types of risks - fraud, identity theft, hacking, integrity of on-line reviews, on-line purchases, and warranty issues. The ensuing discussion ranged broadly into many other areas affected by conflicted commercial, government, and public interests.

About the Consumers Council of Canada
The Consumers Council of Canada works collaboratively with consumers, business and government in support of consumers' rights and responsibilities, including:
•    The right to safety.
•    The right to choose.
•    The right to be heard.
•    The right to be informed.
•    The right to consumer education.
•    The right to consumer redress.
•    The right to a healthy environment
•    The right to basic needs.
•    The right to privacy.
The Council seeks to have an efficient, equitable, effective and safe marketplace for consumers. It endeavours to be a voice for consumers across Canada, and works to listen to consumers and develop policy consistent with what it is told. The Council provides leadership in educating and informing consumers about their rights and responsibilities.

October 2016 - Technology Perspective

Bob Gostischa had previously presented his views on technology and security, to the APCUG group, in May 2016. Our October meeting involved a Q&A, after re-showing Bob's highly informative podcast. Bob mentioned his preference for Avast security software, because it offers a free version that works on Windows operating systems back to XP. Avast also protects Android devices with several security apps.