Thursday, August 18, 2016

August 2016 - SSD, Hybrid Drives, UEFI - by Canada Computers Oshawa Store

Dan Saywell, Assistant Manager of the Oshawa store, spoke about SSD, Hybrid Drives, UEFI, and drive fragmentation.
Dan's appearance was assisted by store manager, Victor But (wearing glasses).

July 2016 - Windows 10 features and home networking - Lloyd Lindsay

Member Lloyd Lindsay, CPA, CA, LPA, CMC gave a very interesting presentation on the latest Windows 10 features, with a focus on networking computers.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

June 2016 - Drones by Paul Dowling

Paul is Master Builder at AutoBotix (FPV Racing Products), a company offering the latest in drone technology.

May 2016 - Augmented Reality by Alfredo Calderon

Professor Calderon, of the University of Puerto Rico, presented elements of his educational programs using Augmented Reality to enhance learning (on tablets, phones, and using VR headsets), via Skype. | | Skype: Alfredo_1212

April 2016 - mainly BoxWorks and Lima for bulk storage

John talked about BoxWorks and other online storage.
Dan spoke about a new similar product called Lima.

March 2016 - Mikrotik Routers & Extenders from Netwire

Mikrotik - broadband devices for providers, businesses, and homes - with solid high-speed wireless performance and a uniquely configurable operating systems... and for a lower cost than competitors. Institutional buyers may attend free training classes in Markham.