Sunday, October 4, 2015

Drive Bender and Tesla Car for October 8, 2015 Meeting

This'll be a double header - both NAS (network attached storage) methods and a REAL TESLA (all electric car) in the parking lot for a demo. Sorry, no test drives!

Alternatives (Windows Storage Spaces, PoolHD, SnapRAID/FlexRAID, Hardware RAID)
Build - how to
Hard Drives & SATA cards
Un-interruptible Power Supplies
Configuration and Usage
Dashboard, File Duplication and Validation, File Balancing, Monitoring and Alerting, SMART alerts
Adding a Drive, Swapping a drive.
Caveats & Restrictions

Tesla Talk:

Features of the Tesla:
Driving Experience
Purchase Procedure:
Show & Tell in Parking Lot – ( break)

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