Thursday, February 19, 2015

How Computers Have Impacted Ham Radio - Feb 2015 Mtg.

Alexander Keller - VE3ZSH - of the North Shore Amateur Radio Club ( described the many new options available to HAM radio fans, for simply listening to broadcasts and for transmitting (which requires a license). The field has advanced so far that HAM operation may be carried out on mobile devices (smart phones, et al), including Skype-like transmissions. And, much of the free software is Linux friendly.
Topics covered: Remote Stations, Software Defined Radio, Digital Modes, Packet Radio, Automatic Packet Reporting System, Echolink, Amateur Satellite, Software To Try, Fun Without A Licence, and Getting Your Ticket?
Alexander also included an extensive list of helpful links, which may be included in an upcoming newsletter (available more immediately to club members).

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