Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 2014 - Bitcoins by BitSent

BitSENT CEO (Leo Dominguez) and Rep. (Ryan Scott) explained the origins of crypto-currencies, and how they can benefit both payees and payers in everyday use. Foremost amongst such currencies is BitCoin, which can now be exchanged for online payment in many thousands of locations. BitSENT, a Canadian company, has also installed BitCoin ATMs in several major cities. Put in CDN$s and get BitCoin value in exchange. Spend that currency wherever it is accepted, and for much lower service rates. Such exchanges are well trusted and secured by nodes throughout the World. Another major endeavour of BitSENT is the creation of new BitCoins by investing in shared BitCoin mining, a process requiring extensive computing power and technical expertise - something these clever individuals hold in spades.

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