Saturday, November 19, 2011

November Meeting - Build a PC

John brought it, Hugh built it, Dan filmed it. John more than brought it (all the parts); he also bought all the parts. Hugh more than built it (complete assembly in 45 minutes); he explained (in great detail) each step... with wherefores and whys.
And, it fired up on first boot!!

Mother Board: Asus M5A88 $110 (Canadian Dollars)
CPU: AMD Bulldozer 3100 $130
(3.6 ghz Quad Core)
RAM: 8 gig DDR3  $55
DVD-RW: LG $22
HD: Seagate 1 terabyte  $109
Case: CoolerMaster  $99
Card Reader: $8
Power supply: 500watt  $46 
Total with taxes & env. Fees: $527.56