Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Meeting - PC Video Gaming

Mark Stanisz, club member, game player/reviewer, presented a highly compressed (yet comprehensive), review of the history of gaming, the terminology of gaming, and his five categories of gaming. His handout provided hardware details for building an adequate gaming machine, along with over a dozen links to gaming websites. Mark was able to demonstrate three games, one of which now runs entirely in a browser. He not only publishes game reviews in the Canadian Press; he also built the website:

February Meeting - eBooks & eReaders

Club members demonstrated a Kobo, an iPad, an enTourage, and a Sony Touch eReader. Prices for these devices ranged from $150 to $800. The enTourage is a hinged, dual screen device - one side being a battery sipping e-ink screen, and the other side a regular colour touch screen. Listeners were provided a wide spectrum of features and a lot of good advice from experienced users. A free program (Calibre) is available for downloading and organizing a library of books for transfer to and from an eReader or computer. Calibre also emulates an eReader should one wish to read books on a notebook computer.