Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jonathan Weston - Current Technology Update - June 12

Jonathan Weston, of ComputersPlus inWhitby, not only provided members with an excellent slide presentation, he also brought many samples of the "latest and greatest" hardware items from his store. Do we need to keep up? What will it cost to do so? He had all the answers.

  • eeePC - only 2 pounds and about $400 (flash hard drive)
  • Processors – How many cores are enough? Will AMD ever catch Intel?
  • Memory – Do I need to upgrade to DDR3 memory? No! Not yet!
  • Video Cards – The battle continues to see who is fastest…Nvidia or ATI
  • Motherboard - most bang for the buck
  • LCD Screens - mmmm - 24" Samsung!
  • Peripherals - what's popular?

Dave Swain read a wonderful bedtime story, courtesy of Microsoft - "Why is There a Server in Our House?"

For more photos, see Ron's album.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

May Meeting - Durham GPS - All the Latest Technology

Micheal Cammock of DurhamGPS described the newer features offers by today's portable GPS devices. Most important amongst them is the acccuracy and clarity of voice directions, along with easy updates to maps. He cautioned against mounting suction cup units on the window; it blocks vision and advertises to thieves.

Ed chaired the 2008 Election of Officers. Volunteers make this club funtion at its best.

For more photos see Ron's album.