Friday, May 19, 2017

May 2017 - Open Source Self-Driving CARS Initiative

Thank you, Marius Slavescu, for taking time from you busy schedule and presenting a most interesting and timely topic. Marius brought a plethora of (mostly) inexpensive sensing devices, all supported by open source software, to 'read the road' intelligently and allow simulated, computer vision controlled, driving of automobiles. This is an aspect of deep learning (artificial intelligence), still in the early stages of development by members of the general public.

April 2017 - MCM first portable computer

Dr Zbigniew Stachniak, of York University, reviewed the history of this amazing Canadian invention - the first truly portable, battery supported, portable computer. "Ziggy" is proposing an expanded computer museum at York U., which will need funding to more fully display Canadian contributions to hardware development.
Toronto Invented the PC, then forgot it...

Friday, March 10, 2017

March 9 Mtg. Auto Hacks

John Kost introduced various tools allowing car enthusiasts to gain insight into modern automobiles. i.e.; - jacking into OBD-II (Diagnostics Port) and doing simple things like understanding fault codes and even resetting them thus avoiding a trip to a dealership - delving deeper into the typical ECU (Engine Control Unit) and demystifying things even further - disassembly of the ROM firmware and  and finding vulnerabilities - snooping the automotive CAN network - some of the threat vectors consumers face with regards to having their car hacked. John's 23 page slideshow will be made available on the club website; his presentation links are below.

Auto Hacking Links for March 9 2017 Presentation by John Kost