Thursday, February 19, 2015

How Computers Have Impacted Ham Radio - Feb 2015 Mtg.

Alexander Keller - VE3ZSH - of the North Shore Amateur Radio Club ( described the many new options available to HAM radio fans, for simply listening to broadcasts and for transmitting (which requires a license). The field has advanced so far that HAM operation may be carried out on mobile devices (smart phones, et al), including Skype-like transmissions. And, much of the free software is Linux friendly.
Topics covered: Remote Stations, Software Defined Radio, Digital Modes, Packet Radio, Automatic Packet Reporting System, Echolink, Amateur Satellite, Software To Try, Fun Without A Licence, and Getting Your Ticket?
Alexander also included an extensive list of helpful links, which may be included in an upcoming newsletter (available more immediately to club members).

LED Technology and Video Upscaling - Jan 2015 Mtg.

David Swain's "double-feature" presentation included an in-depth explanation of LED technology for home and auto, as well as coverage of his experience using the iScan-Mini (pictured), a device for improving the resolution of video signals from a variety of sources, to match the picture quality of any receiving LED or plasma television set.