Friday, January 11, 2008

Jan 10 Meeting - Yoggie Pico Security Device

Representatives from Gentek, a Toronto firm specializing in VOIP and security, demonstrated several models of the Yoggie Pico all-in-one, Internet, security device that includes 13 security applications. Yoggie Pico is a USB (single computer or five computer) protection against all forms of sniffing/attacking/spoofing/etc. that a user might encounter. Since the device is a Linux computer itself, it does not impact performance. Software updates, antivirus and spam databases are updated automatically. The built in firewall prevents both incoming and outgoing nasties. And, it offers its own parental controls and log records. When unplugged from the computer, Internet access is not allowed - period (unless the user knows the device disabling password).

Ron posted photos here: January Club Photos